Monday, May 16, 2011

How to Eat an Elephant

How do you eat an elephant??? One bite at a time.... This is a saying that most of us have heard. It means that if you have a big problem or challenge, you take it little by little. when you are trying to accomplish something, it seems like everything that can go wrong does! At times you may feel on top of the world, ready to take on anything it has to offer. Then at other times, you feel completely alone, like no one in the world knows how you feel and can't possibly understand what you are going through. The important thing you have to remember is, God is always with you. He knows where you are and what your going through. The enemy would love to make you feel alone and isolated, but know that there are people around who love you and, believe it or not, know exactly what you're walking through.
Sometimes it feels like I will never beat this thing and that I keep running in a circle. But I realize now, the more I rely on him and stop looking to other things to comfort me, the more I learn who I truly am. I believe that as I let go of my bondages, the chains will simply fall away. Most of the time we are in a mess because we refuse to let go. We are holding onto the things that cause our own destruction. The thing that hurts us the most is the thing we run to most often. God put it on my heart like this... When you have an emergency, who is the first person you call?? Most of the time it's a family member or a pastor. We often make God an after thought. He should be our hiding place! He should be the one we run to in times of need! I think that sometimes we believe that God will listen to others prayers before you, but he is waiting for us to talk to him!
As I allow God to peel back the layers of hurt, shame, guilt, pride, envy, etc.... I am learning more and more that I need to simply Let Go!! I have to cut myself some slack and stop beating myself up over little mistakes. We are our own worse critics! I have such a horrible need to figure things out and I worry about how things will turn out. Lately I have learned that I am terrified of actually losing the weight. I keep wondering, will people treat me different? Will I still be the same person I am now? When I lose it all, will I just gain it back?? But these questions are not important. I have to just let God be God in my life and realize He's got me. He made my inner most being. If he can create me, he can align my body with his word. I just have to LOVE MYSELF enough to allow myself to have it. I will be successful and do you know why? Because God is bigger than any situation and I choose to trust in Him and not in my own ability any longer. I choose to dedicate my life to HIM each and every day!!!
If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask! I have decided to live my life in freedom. and where there is freedom, there must be vulnerability! I love you all! Let me know what you think. :) ;) :P :D

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